Please note. It is not known if they will still consider this even if we approve it.

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BLET Route C

BNSF Railway

In reference to our conversation of August 31, 2023, the following is agreed to on a non-referable

A. Engineers working at Spokane, WA service may first operate a train from Spokane to Pasco
and then deadhead to Wenatchee in continuous service. Engineers will not be tied up more
than once at an away-from-home terminal. This service will be known as Route C, and will be
compensated as outlined below:

Engineers Straight Flip
SPO-PAS then DH to WEN $690.91 N/A
WEN-SPO $439.69 N/A

Total Trip $1130.60 N/A

Note: These trip rates will remain subject to all future GWIs and COLAs.

B. Any required initial Route C familiarization trips will be compensated at the Engineer
trip rate of the assignment. Once qualified, it will be the responsibility of the engineer to
maintain qualification.

C. Engineers who are on-duty in excess of 12 hours when operating Route C will be allowed
overtime for all time on duty in excess of twelve (12) hours.

D. Engineers will not be required to operate a Route C trip if they are not at the off-duty
location in Pasco and a van is available and present prior to the engineer having 10’30” of
previous on-duty time or less.

E. Upon arrival at Wenatchee, engineers will be placed on the away-from-home terminal
board at Wenatchee based on their original home-on-duty time at Spokane.

This agreement shall take effect on _, 2023, and shall remain in effect for a
minimum of 90 days. After the initial 90 days, either Party may cancel this pilot by giving 15
days’ advanced written notice to the other Party.

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BLET Route C

If neither Party has served notice to cancel at the end of the 90-day pilot, it will become a
permanent agreement and is only subject to change under the Railway Labor Act.

For BNSF Railway Company: For BLET

S. Macedonio K. Psota
AVP, Labor Relations General Chairman, BLET

Melissa Beasley Coke
General Director, Labor Relations

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