Payrates incorrect. Corrections coming.


Our office has received some calls concerning the new pay rates that went into effect today. The main concern is that monetary totals reflected on today’s tie-ups do not reflect the newly increased rates.

We have spoken to Payroll. The answer: Today is when the Official Payroll closes for the previous half. Once that closing occurs, the new increased rates can then be recognized by the computer system going forward. Starting sometime tomorrow you should then see the increased rates.

Payroll has also given us assurances that any slip(s) submitted today, Thursday, December 1st will be manually corrected over the course of the next few days to reflect the increased rates.

Payroll states today should be the only day that members will experience the rates between “old” and “new” being out of sync.




Steve S. 509-570-8065

Spokane’s Article IX Arbitration… No News… Pool regulation all fouled up…

I am sorry to have to say this again. There is no news about our arbitration win . I talked with the GCA this morning, as I do every Monday morning, and was told that they are still waiting to hear from neutral Javits.

Please  know that the moment I have ANY news about this issue, I will post on our website. The end game here is that the BNSF lost the arbitration. It sucks to have to watch the BNSF play their games with this, but in the end we WILL get our pools back.

I have been in contact with the BNSF about our pool regulation. According to the 600 for pool size regulation,  the pool is mathematically correct at 95 turns. The BNSF is refusing to adjust to extra turns, I assume, because of the arbitration loss on pool regulation. It appears to me to be another example of the BNSF acting like petulant children, who want to punish anyone who opposes their draconian practices.

The end of this Article IX is in sight and we are being punished for being on the correct side of this issue. Please believe that I am doing everything I can, to get you some relief.

Please continue to input the daily claim as discussed.


Steve Snyder

Reminder: Contract Ratification Ballots due November 20 in tentative national agreement

INDEPENDENCE, Ohio, November 4 — On October 31, 2022, contract ratification ballots, instructions, and a synopsis of the agreement were mailed to approximately 24,000 members of the Brotherhood of Locomotive Engineers and Trainmen for voting on the tentative national agreement. Voting will conclude on Sunday, November 20, at 11:59 p.m. ET.

Eligible members who have not received a contract ratification ballot by Wednesday, November 9, should request a replacement by calling the BLET National Division at (216) 241-2630, ext. 222.  When connected with the extension, please leave the following information:

  • your name, address and phone number;
  •  the division to which you belong;
  •  the railroad for which you work;
  •  the date you were promoted to locomotive engineer;
  •  your date of birth;
  •  the last four digits of your Social Security number; and
  • your email address.

All contract ratification replacement ballots will be distributed via email.  Therefore, members who do not leave a voicemail with their email address will not receive a contract ratification replacement ballot.

Members should remember that the contract ratification ballot replacement process is different than the Election of Officers ballot replacement process.

To download a copy of the tentative national agreement and the agreed upon Question & Answer document, please go to the BLET website and click on the “Members” link at the top: .

A password is required to login. Members may have to complete a brief registration process in order to establish an account.

Additional information regarding the current round of national contract negotiations is available in the public area of the BLET website: .

December Regular Meeting

Date: December 21st, 2022
Time: AM

Spokane Valley Eagles
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