Instructions for bidding on vacation

Please Read: Notice

If the date you want to bid on is not on the weekly list, it is not yet available to be bid on – regardless of what it shows on the TSS!  Please check this page for weeks that are available for bid!

Moving Vacations

Throughout the year the division will send notifications via website of vacancies for bid to move your vacations.

The procedures are as follows:

  1. Send an email to
  2. In the body of the email put the following in:
    1.  Your Name
    2. The week you would like to give up.
    3. The week/s (in order) that you would like to bid on.

Do not send any more information than that.  Seniority numbers must be verified every week.   Therefore attaching any more information will slow the process down.

Every Wednesday an email will be sent to those who bid on a vacation and will be notified of their bid status.

Converting Vacations

Please read the following article about converting vacations to float days.

If you would like to convert one of your weeks of vacation to floats, please send an email to with the following

Request to float the following week of vacation: [the start date]

*** Restrictions do apply per Collective Bargaining Agreement. ***