Website Addition and Navigation Changes…

As part of our ongoing data collection; we have launched a new tool:

Over Twelve Hour Reporting

If you have a trip where you DOL on your train, please take time to fill one of these out so that we can track issues going on within our terminal.

Screen Shot 2016-07-06 at 7.51.40 PMAnd since the change, we have consolidate the main navigational menu.  To submit fatigue monitoring or 12 hour reports; hover your mouse over ‘Submit a Report‘ and select the report you want in the dropdown menu.

We will accept reports from anybody; Division 104 members or not.


Thank you!

2 Replies to “Website Addition and Navigation Changes…”

  1. Tom, really like the forms you guys put on the website. Makes things easier for us out here. Any chance to get one of the TO forms that go where they need to so we don’t have to deal with broken fax machines? Just a thought. Thanks for the great wor . Helps me out a ton!!!!

    1. I can… That is more of a Bruce Levitt form, not a union form. But if Bruce is willing and the union is okay for that, I guess that we can do a TO form that will automatically email Bruce with the details of the Trip Optimizer.

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