Washington Sick Leave Legislation

The railroads and their anti-labor enablers are hunkering down against ESSB 5267, the bill that would allow railroaders working in Washington to take unpaid sick days without punishment, points, or other punitive consequences. In the course of its campaign to ensure that railroaders continue to come to work sick, BNSF executives have made outlandish claims to Washington’s elected representatives, testifying that railroaders enjoy “a great deal of scheduling flexibility;” that the Railroad Retirement Board gives railroad employees “paid time off;” and that crews can lay off “at any time, and for any reason.”

If the above sounds like an honest description of conditions under which you work, please do nothing: you’ve got a great arrangement! Everyone else should follow the link below and take a couple minutes to send your Representative a message–either by phone or by email–and ask him/her to support of ESSB 5267.

Legislators are hearing the railroads’ fictions. Let them hear the truth from you.


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