Throttle Limitation and Train Profiles

Please take note: After June 15th any throttle violation will be handled with an investigation and through the PEPA policy.

Do not keep throttle throughout ascending grade.  Exceeding throttle limit while traveling at 15mph or more is a violation of ABTH 106.7 period.


14mph = Grab a notch
15mph = Follow Throttle Limit

Will need to ensure we always update after work enroute to adjust for changes in Profile.


Pickup and Setouts @ Yardley.

Let RFE know, before tie-up, if DS gives verbal instructions to exceed.

VTR any and all changes to Profile.

106.1 Regulating Horsepower per Ton (HPT)

References: ABTH 103.2.1, SSI 47(A)

A. Train Profile Instructions

• Isolation

– Locomotives must be isolated or shut down according to the outbound (OB) locomotive isolation instructions provided on the current Train Profile.

Note: Z trains may be instructed by the dispatcher to place additional locomotives online. These changes must be reported via VTR.

• Voice Train Reporting (VTR)

– Any locomotive operational status inaccuracies shown in the Outbound Isolation Status column on the current Train Profile must be reported via VTR.
– Any changes to locomotive consists made enroute must also be reported via VTR.

106.7 Speed Reduction for Fuel Conservation

• If actual HPT exceeds scheduled HPT after isolation instructions are followed, a train may receive additional throttle limiting instructions listed on the Train Profile. These instructions may limit throttle to notch 5, 6 or 7 without going below scheduled HPT.

A Train may exceed the above throttle limitations only when at least one of the following conditions applies:

– Train is a passenger train, or an F symbol freight train
– Train is utilizing GE Trip Optimizer in Auto Control
– Speed is below 15 MPH while on an ascending grade
– Expedited Service Banner appears on the Train Profile
– Verbal instructions received from the dispatcher permitting exemption based on expedited service needs of the train

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