URGENT! SB 5267 (Safe Leave) Contact your Senator NOW!

The following came last night from the WSLB Chariman. SB 5267 (and its companion House Bill) would establish unpaid Sick Leave for Washington railroad workers. This is a vital issue for all BLET members who reside in Washington. It appears that these issues move quickly in the Washington legislature, thus the note of urgency. Please follow the link to contact your representative. Each of us have our own unique issues and experiences which make passage of this bill important; feel free to use these to personalize your interest in this bill when you ask your representative to vote in favor of SB 5267.

SB 5267 (Safeguarding the public safety by protecting railroad workers) is scheduled to be briefed on Monday 2/27/2023 and could come to a vote at any time. We need this bill to move through the State Senate as fast as possible to avoid being bogged down with amendments.

State Senators need to hear from their constituents! Your voices can be louder than the Carriers!

To find your State Senator go to https://app.leg.wa.gov/districtfinder Make sure you state that you support SB 5267. See the attached flyer for talking points.

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