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The FRA is considering  crew-less Trains.

Please go to the website below to comment on the following action that the Federal Railroad Administration is considering.

Please tell them that you oppose crew-less trains.

  1. Dangers involved of complete automation of trains
  2. Hazardous Materials Transport
  3. Inhalation Hazardous Materials Transported
  4. Derailments

The railroad industry as a whole had a net profit of $37.6 Billion.  This is about pure greed.  Obviously they are trying to get more profit.  The industry is trying to put the public at risk in lieu of more profit.

Please comment and oppose the regulation.  The safety of the public is in danger if this is allowed.

Please go to:

Blue Signal Protection/ Securing Another train in Route

The Carrier is again trying to instruct crews to stop and secure another train  with a dead crew on board and then get back on there train and proceed. You can only do this if you are relieved of the train you are called for.


DATE: December 5, 2006

TO: D. M. Arterburn, Legislative Representative, Local #1313
United Transportation Union
Amarillo, TX

FROM: Rob Castiglione, Deputy Regional Administrator, FRA
Fort Worth, TX

Concurrence at FRA Headquarters – Washington, DC:

Operating Practices Division
Douglas Taylor, OP Staff Director
Dennis Yachechak, OP Specialist

Office of Chief Counsel
Carolina Mirabal, Trial Attorney

SUBJECT: Blue Signal Protection

The following answers to your questions concerning whether blue signal protection is required are as follows:

1) At locations other than crew change points: Crew member(s) of train A instructed to assist crew member(s) of train B for any purpose which would require crew member(s) of train A to go on, under, or between the rolling equipment of train B.
Note: Including working on ETD — replacing, arming, and/or battery change.

Answer: At any location, a crew member from train A may attach him/herself to assist the crew of train B as a utility employee provided his/her work with train A is completed. The scope of the utility employee’s work is limited to the following “six holy things”: setting or releasing hand brakes; coupling or uncoupling air hoses and other electrical or mechanical connections; preparing rail cars for coupling; setting wheel blocks or wheel chains; conducting air brake tests to include cutting air brake components in or out and positioning retaining valves; and inspecting, testing, installing, removing or replacing a rear end marking device or end of train device. (See 49 CFR Part 218.22 for additional utility employee conditions regarding communication, position of engineer, etc.)
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