Extra board Engineers and Chewelah jobs

If you are on board 30 and are not qualified to Chewelah, you will be required to qualify on those two jobs (North and South). RFE Gavin Bell will reach out to you when there is room on the job. He will place a qualifying tag on you and you can make your trips. It will pay an Engineers guarantee day and you will need to submit a timeslip with code EF in order to be paid.

If you have never run the job, the standard is two trips each way. If you are refamiliarizing the standard is 1 trip each way.

If you are called to work the job and you are not yet qualified or refamiliarized, reject the call and explain to the caller. They should simply bypass you and move on to the next Engineer. If they threaten to lay you off on call, do not get in an argument with them. Let them do what they are going to do. Your Hiviz points will be refunded and any lost wages will be paid to you.

If you have specific concerns about the run or your status give me a call.

Steve Snyder

Engineer Extra Board Qualifications

Engineers Extra Board Qualifications

In order to work the Engineers Extra Board, you must be qualified to Whitefish, Wenatchee and Pasco as well as Chewelah. If you are not qualified you need to contact Gavin Bell (208) 687-4711 ASAP and have a conversation with him. NWE General notice 749 covers qualifications.

If the crew office calls you with an on duty call and you are not qualified, they will lay you off on call and move to the next rested Engineer. This will result in being charged with an LOC event. Please be sure to stay current for the board you are working.
If you have any questions please call.
Steve Snyder (509)570-8065

Extra board claims

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