Q&A for the National negotiating team.

Send me the questions you want answered  to


I will compile questions for the next 8 days and send them off to the GCA  on 10/03/2022, for further handling to the National.

Please read the letter to all LC’s from GC Kent Psota attached below. 

All GCA 150 Local Chairmen,

By now all of you have had time to read and digest the attached letter from BLET President Pierce. To make sure that all of you have a chance to have your individual or your members questions submitted for answers and further clarification, please note the process that GCA 150 will administer to field these questions.

I would ask that each of our Local Chairmen compile the list of their division questions into one single comprehensive document. (Email Word or PDF is fine with us at the GCA) In your judgement, and when you believe that document appears to be complete and a good representation of the questions asked, please then submit that document to the GCA. The GCA office will then take the various documents submitted from the LC’s and condense them into a single document we will then send to the National Wage Team for answers. That does not mean if a question comes in at the last minute you should not send us that inquiry, absolutely do send it, but we at the GCA are preparing for a busy week compiling all of these questions into a single document for National Wage Team handling. Several of the questions received so far have been somewhat repetitious and that is to be expected, but the only “bad” question is the one which goes unasked, so if you have any inquiry now the time to ask. The GCA requests you to have these inquires submitted to us no later than October 4th, so all inquiries can make the docket.

I also want to direct you to the language in President Pierce’s letter indicated in bold font below:

As for the process going forward, General Chairmen  have fifteen (15) days from receipt of this letter to submit questions to my office pertaining to the terms of the attached TA. Those questions will then be consolidated  into a single document, and the National Wage Team will return to the bargaining table with SMART-TD and the Carriers to mutually agree upon the answers to those questions.

What this means is that the GCA is not going to be the final authority in answering these questions, nor is it the GCA’s jurisdiction to do so. The National Wage Team and the ND attorneys will be tasked with getting the comprehensive and concise final answers in their talks with the Carriers. While I recognize there’s a million questions, please note that only the National Wage Team can make determination of the final answers which will then be included in the forthcoming Tentative Agreement Q&A’s. That does not mean that we at the GCA cannot share our concerns with the Wage Team if asked, but we at the GCA will not be final authority on any of the answers given.

More updates to follow as things progress.



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