Propaganda from BNSF about current bargaining round

Before you start believing the propaganda the BNSF is shoving down your throat ask yourself….Does this CEO seem to represent a company who has fallen on hard times???


CEO Compensation (From Forbes website 2009)

#7 Matthew K Rose

04.22.09, 06:00 PM EDT


Total Compensation
$68.62 mil5-Year Compensation Total
$140.73 milMatthew K Rose has been CEO of Burlington Santa Fe (BNI) for 8 years. Mr. Rose has been with the company for 16 years. The 50 year old executive ranks 1 within Transportation

College: University of Missouri BS ’80
Graduate School:

AP Photo/Dave Koenig
Performance Vs. Pay
Rank: 40 / 179 Burlington Santa Fe

6-Year Annual Total Return

Mr. Rose

6-Year Average Compensation
$23.68 mil

6-Year Return Relative to Industry 114
6-Year Return Relative to Market 117
Relative returns: 100 equals the market or industry.
Matthew K Rose’s Compensation Vs. Transportation Medians
Salary $1.18 mil $0.78 mil
Bonus $1.68 mil $0.74 mil
Other $20.70 mil $2.97 mil
Stock Gains $45.06 mil $1.56 mil
Total Compensation $68.62 mil  $7.05 mil 
Burlington Santa Fe
(BNI: quote, news, org chart)2650 Lou Menk Drive
Fort Worth, TX 76131-2830
Matthew K Rose’s Ownership Of Burlington Santa Fe
Industry Medians
Stock Owned (% of Co)  0.18% 0.12%
Stock Owned  $39.8 mil $0.01 mil
Burlington Santa Fe‘s Stock Performance
Total Return During Tenure  13%
Relative to Market  117

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  1. We should keep in mind that when your an ceo you have more expense to absorb then the working man. There is travel expenses, green fees, country clubs and $30,000 dollar a month wine budgets. And this is just to conduct business. Im sure theres more but im just a number who adds to his bottom line, everytime WE take a ph. Call at 0300 on Christmas morning instead of making memories with our families. Remember fella’s we need to give more and be appreciative of less.

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