Brothers and Sisters:

For the past 23 years we have been able to convert full weeks into float weeks with little more than letting myself or my predecessors know that you wanted it done. Recently, we were told that was not the case anymore. It has essentially been taken from our local control. And, as you may have noticed, the ability for local management to over-allocate has been taken from them.

The only silver lining in this is we still have the ability to change weeks to floats until April 15 (04/15) without too much of a hassle. After that time, weeks will only be allowed as seen fit by the Northwest DCM, and only under extenuating circumstances (aka – you have to have a really good reason)!  So, if you are thinking you may need a week turned to floaters, do it before 04/15 or have a good reason if it comes up needing changed later.

You can still send your requests to me after the 04/15 deadline, just make sure to include why so I can pass it along to the DCM. If you have FMLA – that’s a great reason and one he doesn’t seem to argue with, since float days are the only way you can now recoup some financial loss from being off FML. Since I’m not the one to actually switch your week anymore, it is/will take a little longer to happen so keep that in mind.

I’m sorry I couldn’t do more to stop this hammer blow from falling.

Fraternally yours,

BP Mires

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