Since not everyone has social media, I thought I would post one persons account of todays hearing for a temporary restraining order by the BNSF. No official account or report as yet from any official Union body (GCA or National)

A decision will be made by 5pm tomorrow.

1. Judge started by lightly reprimanding the company for initially filing in Dallas instead of FTW.

2. Judge lightly reprimanded union for threatening to strike during supply chain crisis.

3. Judge asked union to hold off strike for a few weeks and company to hold off implementing the policy for a few weeks, while he decided. Union agreed, but company did not (company offered to start tracking points on Feb 1, but not penalize people until after the 3 weeks.) Since both sides didn’t agree, the union took back their promise to hold off strike.

4. Judge repeatedly expressed concerns about this policy violating FMLA laws and punishing union layoffs.

5. Judge also repeatedly voiced concerns about striking during supply chain crisis.

6. Judge mentioned Omicron/covid multiple times, for several different reasons, and appears he might share our concern about policy forcing sick people to ho to work.

Several families showed up, a FTW city council woman drove by, stopped and asked what was going on, she then called the local newspaper and told them to send someone out, he spent over an hour talking to us, and listened to the entire hearing (he was very interested and supportive).

At least two news stations recorded some footage in front of the courthouse.

Steve Snyder
BLE 104 L/C

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