Info from LC meeting

  1. (from the Mec Team as of today)Each locomotive used as a controlling locomotive and the first trail locomotive in the consist will have a clean cab and cab windows and a clean operative toilet free of offensive odors. 229.139
    1. Note –  In addition the following areas are to be cleaned w/ disinfectant spray (same product used to disinfect the toilet surfaces is recommended) on the controlling locomotive AND first trail locomotive only:
    2. All door handles (Front door, cab interior door, Engineer rear door, toilet door),
    3. Seats and seat controls
    4. Engineer control stand
    5. Conductor desk
    6. Water cooler

  2. (from the lodging providers) CLC and Strategic Sourcing
    1. Every hotel is requested to and are following CDC guidelines.
    2. They not only are motivated to keep their guests healthy but also their employees.
    3. Working in our favor is the General public travel is down significantly so our interactions at hotel with non BNSF personnel will most likely greatly reduced.
  3. (from Hallcon) they messaged to their drivers through the drivers portal, if a driver reports they haven’t gotten notification, please provide their name and we can verfy if they have read the notice.
    1. Please wipe down after every trip
    2. Steering wheel
    3. Door panels
    4. CB mic
    5. Heater controls
    6. Anything you might think will help protect you and the customer.
    7. Ever driver has been called/text on this matter. We have provided wipes for all vans

bnsf-sml-policy – Revised Mar-17-2020 (1)

bnsf-sfs-policy – Revised Mar-17-2020 (1)

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