The General Chairmen have been meeting with the Carrier to discuss the implementation schedules of the various items for the recent 5/6/7 Agreement, below are a few of the known implementation dates.

Section I – Self-Supporting Pools – Still working on an implementation date to coincide with Rest Cycles, Imp date is unknown at this time.

Section II – Pool Regulation/Extra Boards – Parties will soon be gathering data to convert current mileages to starts. Imp date is unknown at this time

Section III – Permanent Bids – Still needs programming. Imp date to be determined. Will be after January 2024.

Section IV – Held Away from Home Terminal, Implementing November 1. 2023. – AFHT pay starts at 16 hours and is continuous.

Section V – Away from Home Meals, Implementing November 1. 2023. – Increase meal allowance to $15.00, payments are made at the 4, 12, and 22-hour mark.  

Section VI – Paid Leave Handling (PRE) – Final programming and testing being conducted, pushing for a December 1, 2023 implementation.

Section VII – Paid Sick Days – Implementing November 1. 2023. – There will be 1 day of paid sick available to employees for the remainder of 2023. There will also be the ability to convert 3 PLDs or VAC in 2023 as paid sick time off. Anyone wishing to convert PLD/VAC must submit a written inquiry to Ask Comp within the Workforce Hub.

Section VIII – Work/Rest Implementation – Still coordinating on programming and availability.

Section IX – Turn Swap – In final programming stages. Carrier looking for volunteer locations to test the WFH application further.

Section X  – Earned Day Off – Will go into effect starting January 1, 2024.

Section XI – Bereavement – Implementing November 1. 2023. Will now need to be observed within 30 days following the date of death, exceptions will require local management approval.     

Side Letter 5 – Routine Medical Days – the ability for assignment owners to make requests will begin on November 01, 2023. 30-day notice must be given for use, fully in effect starting December 1, 2023.   

More implementation dates will be forthcoming as these discussions continue.

Steve Snyder

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