If you are on a pool and called for STAS at home…

Claim FR (Flip rate) for 342.4 miles

Comments: Claim FR because board 101, 111, 201, does not protect STAS at the home terminal. I was use for company convenience and should make no less than I would have made had I work the turn/pool to which I am assigned.

Also, if you are sent out for multiple trains claim 130 mile under DO (operating decision) for automatic release point violation for each train after the first one. Please provide train symbols, and the time you left the office to go get train.

Remember details matter more than description:

  • Train Symbol
  • Where train was located
  • Time of departure
  • Who instructed you
  • Who was rested at home

Those things matter far more than how you got there or citing any awards.

I am doing all I can to stop this practice. I will keep you updated as things progress.

Steve Snyder

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