Article IX arbitration

Members of Division 104,

I am pleased to tell you that the pre-executive session draft of our award has been issued to the General Committee. While it is not yet ready for publication, I can tell you that it does require the BNSF to restore legacy pools in Spokane.

The executive session still needs to occur. After the session has concluded, the award will be published; the timeline is approximately 2 to 3 weeks. After that, the Carrier will have 30 days to restore legacy pool service. As I receive more details, I will publish them. This is all I know at this time.

Congratulations to the Members of 104 who held the line and fought without equivocation. Our efforts have been awarded.

Once again, as I receive more information, I will post it here.

Steve Snyder, L/C 
BLET Division 104
509 570 8065

Executive Order on Establishing an Emergency Board


More info when I get it. This will be discussed that the meeting on Wednesday, July 20th.


Steve Snyder

ALL BLET GCA 150 Local Chairmen,

The White House has released the following announcement that a PEB has been established. Our GCA offices have just concluded a call with the National Division. More info to follow.



Whitehouse Press Release

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BLET to hold strike authorization vote

All GCA 150 Local Chairmen and Members,

One of the additional steps to verify or change your BLET mailing address (if necessary) can also be accessed by registering in the Members Area on the BLET website. After registering for your account found in the upper right-hand corner at you will then be able to access the Registered Member Area. Once you are registered as a Member you will find the following menu below where you can select the Update Personal Information and set your individual address and communication preferences. Your address on file with BLET will be the address used for upcoming ballot mailing purposes. It is imperative if a member believes their address could be incorrect it is corrected at once to ensure receiving a ballot(s).

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BLET ND Petition Emailing concerning Attendance

GCA 150 LC’s,

Sharing another posting from the BLET website. The posting below can also be found here:

For members who wish to sign this petition, they can use the link after the second paragraph below or click here. All a member must do to sign this petition is utilize the box in the right-hand corner labeled Sign This Petition.

I would ask all of you to please share this email and its contents with your membership and encourage their participation.



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