The BNSF has announced our 2023 ICP. The Carrier uses a 150-point scale on their handling for exempt ICP. The 100% figure they receive will translate to our members as follows:

100% of 150% management scale = 0.667

The schedule engineer’s ICP is figured on a 100% scale. 0.667 of 100% = 6.67%

66.7 % of .0808 % (100% payout) = 5.389%   (FYI 8.08% is our Maximum)

Your 2023 ICP should equate to  5.389% of Qualified Earnings

Will be deposited on January 31, 2024



Good morning, we will begin calling Z’s at 1100 and will be on hour spacing towards whitefish. We will likely hold off calls as we come into the evening again with temps dropping. We can expect this for the next couple nights. In addition we will begin calling a few westbound as they come in. Expect 4 today from Whitefish and a few from Missoula. Overall, plan is to push eastbound over the coming days before coming back west.

Steve S.

Cold weather pool update

Update: next planned calls SPOWHI will be tomorrow morning. At this time, plan is to go on hour spacing. This could change depending on what the evening looks like for cold temps and mainline fluidity. In addition, D symbol tonight around 1500 will bring 5-6 crews total to Pasco to start running trains tomorrow.

Steve S.


Good morning, plan is to call 2 Z trains east at 1000 and 1100. From there we will hold an additional 24 hours. Also, we deadheaded everyone home from PASCO last night. We will call two towards PASCO today and then would expect a D symbol snow coach to DH 5-6 crews to the hote in preparation of opening in next 24-48 hours.The Montana division has pushed their cold weather restrictions to Friday. Thanks for your patience. This will be a long clean up process. I have not heard of anything from Fort Worth regarding miles, turns, guarantee, etc…Will communicate if I do.

Steve S

Time Books

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In response to wildfires in the PNW and MON, BNSF Human Resources has set up a toll-free number for employees that are impacted to call to receive limited financial assistance to help them during a time when they have lost their homes, have been displaced from their homes, etc. BNSF will provide limited financial assistance that is intended to help them in a time of need but not intended to totally cover their losses. Many employees will have insurance to help defray those expenses. The intent is to assist with their immediate needs for shelter, water, food, clothing, etc. The toll-free number is 800-788-3882. After business hours and weekends, the calls will roll to a voicemail box which will have instructions as to what information to leave in their message. The HR team will periodically check the voicemail box after hours and on weekends and call those employees back. Please pass this message on to the appropriate people on your teams to get the information to those that might be impacted and need assistance. Information that will be helpful for employees to leave on the voicemail will be:Name (spell the last name)Phone number to call them backEmployee IDBrief description of their need/loss.

Steve Snyder
509 570 8065