As you know at the last meeting, we voted on the the above articles. The majority decision was in favor. The GCA 150 voted 34 in favor and 8 against. The combined count for all GCA’s on property was 76 in favor and 20 against.

This means that the above articles will begin to be implemented.

What that means for Engineers is, AT THE NEXT MEETING OCTOBER 18th, we have to decide what type of rest initiatives we want for our extra-boards and pools. We can have different initiatives for each board and pool.

Some of the models to consider are as follows:

Earned rest consisting of six (6) starts followed by three (3) rest days (6/3)
Eleven (11) days on four (4) days off (11/4)
Seven (7) days on and three (3) days off (7/3)
Combination of six (6) calendar days followed by two (2) rest days, then four (4)
calendar days followed by two (2) rest days (6/2, 4/2)
Home Cycle rest time for pools
For assigned service alternative work weeks such as (4/3 3/4) or (3/2 2/3)
Other work/rest schedules as may be mutually agreed upon

The current detailed rest agreements were included in the tentative agreement;

Please take the time to review and discuss with other BLET members, come to the meeting and decide which rest agreement you want to work under. This is another BIG decision that needs to be made. If you want your voice heard on this issue come to the meeting on October 18th, 2023.

Steve Snyder


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